ALThe Allegory of Love
AMThe Abolition of Man
AMRAll My Road Before Me
ATArthurian Torso
BBBBeyond the Bright Blur
BPBeyond Personality
BTBroadcast Talks
CBChristian Behavior
CCThe Case for Christianity
CLThe Collected Letters (3 vols)
CPCollected Poems
CRChristian Reflections
CRnChristian Reunion
CpRCompelling Reason
CTCosmic/Space Trilogy (as complete work)
DIThe Discarded Image
DTThe Dark Tower and other Stories
ELEnglish Literature in the 16th Century / Poetry & Prose
ECExperiment in Criticism
ECWEssays Presented to Charles Williams
FEFern Seed & Elephants
FLThe Four Loves
FSTFirst & Second Things
GDThe Great Divorce
GIDGod in the Dock/Undeceptions
GIDFGod in the Dock (Fount)
GMThe Grand Miracle
GMAGeorge MacDonald: An Anthology
GOA Grief Observed
HAHamlet: Prince or Poem
HBThe Horse and His Boy
IIImage and Imagination
LBThe Last Battle
LCLetters to Children
LLThe Latin Letters of C. S. Lewis
LMLetters to Malcolm
LALLetters to an American Lady
LEC“Lewis Essay Collection” 2 vols.(Faith, Christianity and the Church & Literature, Philosophy and Short Stories)
LOLLetters of C. S. Lewis
LTA C. S. Lewis Treasury
LTC – Letters to Children

LWWThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
MCMere Christianity
MNThe Magician’s Nephew
MAA Mind Awake
NANarniad (when references as a complete series)
NPNarrative Poems
OOWOf Other Worlds
OSOn Stories
OSPOut of the Silent Planet
OTOf This and Other Worlds
PCPrince Caspian
PrCPresent Concerns
PHThe Personal Heresy
POPThe Problem of Pain
PPLA Preface to Paradise Lost
PRThe Pilgrim’s Regress
RPReflections on the Psalms
SBSpirits in Bondage
SEThe Seeing Eye
SECSignature Essay Collection
SJSurprised by Joy
SCThe Silver Chair
SLESelected Literary Essays
SPSpenser’s Image of Life
SPTScrewtape Proposes a Toast & Other Pieces
SLThe Screwtape Letters
SWStudies in Words
SMRLStudies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature
TAPThey Asked for a Paper
THTimeless at Heart
THSThat Hideous Strength
TRTransposition & Other Addresses
TSTThey Stand Together
TWFTill We Have Faces
VDTThe Voyage of the Dawn Treader
WGThe Weight of Glory/Transposition
WLNThe World’s Last Night