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About the Collection

For the past decade Gordon Greenhill has been scouring library, used book store, and the internet collecting publication data on C. S. Lewis’ books. While an exhaustive history of his editions is probably impossible, this catalog contains the most extensive collection of cover images and publication data in existence. It is now being offered online in hopes that fellow Lewis devotees will be able to review and expand its offerings from their own collections.

If you discover errors that need correcting or holes that you can fill, please consult the “Contact” page.

If you are willing to support this effort with a one-time contribution, please consult the “Support” page.

A special thanks to the Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College and specifically Marjorie Lamp Mead and Laura Schmidt for granting me special access to their holdings for extended periods.

Additionally special thanks to Theological Book Network in Grand Rapids, MI, for their ongoing support of this project. 

Thanks as well to the following individuals and institutions who have given significant access to images, information, and holdings during the course of this project…
-Adrian Public Library
-Central Lake District Library
-Grand Rapids Public Library
-Heckman Library of Calvin College
-Roger Paul
-Pere Marquette District Library
-Mindy Popp
-Redux Books
-Sandman Book Company
-Surrey Township Public Library
-Wheaton Public Library
-Zondervan Library of Kuyper College